Gratitude Through the Storms

Posted November 20, 2021 by Jeannette Wilcock

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My heart is full of gratitude on this clear and bright fall day! A soothing warmth from the sun and a cool breeze induce a calmness that settles my soul. It’s easy to be grateful on days like these.

Dark and Dreary Days

Some days are not as easy. The days when I can barely breathe because I’m moving so fast from one thing to another, the days I don’t feel well, the dark and dreary days when my efforts feel futile or, even worse, when the choices I must make are life altering and scary. On days like these I have felt downright discouraged at best, and at worst I have felt despair and completely alone. 

The dark days only make the bright ones shine brighter!

Jeannette Wilcock

In these difficult times I have found  if I have eyes of gratitude,  then it gets easier to see the good. Even if it’s hard, I remind myself that all I have is a gift and there is goodness all around me. When life seems bleak and difficult and when I can’t find answers to problems, it can be hard to stay positive. I’ve learned that staying positive and remembering God’s goodness is the only way to remain grateful and hold onto joy. The dark days only make the bright ones shine brighter! 

Eyes of Gratitude

I can appreciate a bright, clear day like today so much more when I have walked through many days of darkness. I can truly appreciate my health on the days I feel good and know God has brought me through some pretty tough times. I can remember the ways God has intervened through the kindness of others to help when I didn’t know how my family would handle certain financial hurdles, like the unexpected brain surgery I had to have. I know God is in these details and he sees and cares about everything we’re going through. 

It is coming through the challenging times of my life that I have become more grateful, strong, and resilient. I remember how God has blessed me. Eyes of gratitude help to see my husband of 30 years in a new light and love him better. They help me to see my children as the miracle they are after so many years of struggling with infertility. Enjoying a career I have loved for 30 years and being able to share the gift of music and writing is a testament to a loving God who sees me and knows me. 

When I keep my eyes on Christ, he carries me by his love.

JeaNNette Wilcock

God has drawn me close to him in my most difficult times and has comforted me. When I remember how good God has been to me, I can’t help but look for his blessings and the good in life. When I keep my eyes on Christ, he carries me by his love.

God has allowed me many opportunities to suffer with him so I could learn to surrender my will to his and experience true union with him, which is our ultimate goal. It’s in times of suffering that we most recognize our need for Christ. 

Gratitude In Surrender

I become more grateful when I realize that I am not worthy of anything at all, nor did I do anything to deserve the life I live. On the hard days when I am discouraged, I can trust and remember his faithfulness and that leads me to being grateful. 

Will you take a deep breath with me and remember God’s goodness towards you? What situation can you remember God being there for you in a special way? 

Find one thing to be grateful for today, and then another.

Jeannette Wilcock

Find one thing you can be grateful for today and then another. Where have you seen God come through for you? I know he’s working miracles every day for your benefit.

Look around and see with eyes of gratitude God’s love surrounding you right where you are and let gratefulness fill your heart and calm your soul today.