Finding the Gift

Posted November 30, 2021 by Maureen Metcalf

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 At times we may feel hope is lost; yet, when we have Jesus in our hearts, we are assured He is with us all of the time. In our sorrow, heartache, brokenness, fear, and doubt, He is the hope within us. Miracles are everywhere when we look for them. It is not about what we can’t do, but what can we do? When everything feels out of sorts and stressful, may we seek and find Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Faithfulness. Gentleness. May we find the gift even in our uncertain circumstances.


Prayer continues to be the best approach in a world where everything feels defensive and offensive. It is comforting to know that Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves. When we think we cannot manage our circumstances, we feel fearful in our relationships, or we worry about our future, we can go back to this truth: Everything is a gift!

 Sometimes, we must take a step back to move forward. What feels like disappointment in the moment becomes a setup for His calling. It has always been about our trust. Every step.

God’s presence during the process is our everyday gift.

Maureen Metcalf

Prayer does not need to be fancy, but faithful. Thank Jesus for helping you to replace envy or greed with gratitude, anxiety with hopeful anticipation, and fear with audacious faith. Welcome His pruning plus preparation as a lavished gift. Miracles may take time. And as we wait, may we see a million miracles along the way, each one necessary for the next. God’s presence during the process is our everyday gift.


The truth is simple: we are all broken…each one of us. We have sin in our past, struggles in our present, and worries for our future. There is no mistake too great for God’s mercy.

If you find yourself hoarding or worrying, take a leap instead; change your mindset to a grateful perspective and trust that blessings will follow. Like Ann Voskamp describes beautifully in her book, One Thousand Gifts, a heart full of thanksgiving “always precedes the miracle.”

God’s purpose is always about the transformation of hearts. That is the difference between good and evil, my way or God’s way, life or death. Peace amidst the process is the miracle. Gratefulness is not hard. Forgetting to be grateful is what makes life hard. A grateful heart generates joy even during trials. To trust God in the light is nothing; but trust Him in the dark—that is faith. The struggle seems impossible until its overcome. Let the light shine through your cracks of imperfection.

A meaningful life starts with a grateful heart.

Maureen Metcalf

Find the Gift

Commit to finding the gifts amid your broken heart and in uncertain circumstances. A meaningful life starts with a grateful heart. May we be reminded that even if there is doubt, when we feel alone, Jesus is always with us. May we continue to seek and find the gift of our hope in Him. Each of us are steward leaders. All belongs to Him, not us. We are not the owners. We are the protectors of all God has entrusted to us. Pray it up, believe bigger, find the gifts, and raise hope. We pray big things and ask God to help your heart to believe.

May we each find the gifts in our circumstances, outcomes, pursuits, and be grateful for all that is good in our life, our community, and our world!