Our Story: Finding Purpose In Life’s Imperfections

Posted July 1, 2021 by Theresa Miller

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The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other.


Growing up, we were six sisters scurrying around in second hand clothes riding bikes through potholes like we were one of the motorcycle cops on the TV program, Chips. We’d race through fields of dandelions—or maybe it was just our backyard full of dandelions—with clasped hands and pointer fingers raised toward the sky like guns, pretending to be one of Charlie’s Angels. When playing “house” or “office” indoors, we’d argue over whose boyfriend the Fonz would be from the sitcom, Happy Days.

We choreograph dances and concerts to relieve boredom and invite the neighbors to view our performances. Our imaginations and big dreams dictate most of our childhood. You wouldn’t guess from the outside our family is unraveling at the seams.

Unraveling Hope

As pre/young teens, our parents divorce. Following a short time living in New York after moving from Pennsylvania, our fearless mother journeys with six girls across the United States to the strange wilderness of Wyoming, leaving our childhood as we know it behind. The wide open space and fresh air allows us to breathe new possibilities, and a kind Wyomingite, who later becomes our stepfather, orients us to the Big Horn Mountains. Starting over feels a lot like slowly unraveling a twisted and tangled idea of hope.

It is then we feel the common thread of purpose woven throughout our own disheveled pain.


We continue to perform together—however, not for the neighbors this time. At this junction of adolescence, we collect songs that have given us hope through hardship and major change, and sing a heartfelt message for adjudicated girls residing at a local institution, who are about our age. Afterward, our mom nurtures those tearful girls, as we sisters mingle with their softened exteriors. It is then we feel the common thread of purpose woven throughout own disheveled pain.


It is the wounds, journeys to healing, immovable faith, and the collective purpose we each feel in these early years that is the glue to our close relationship.

We all face wounds this side of heaven, yet our wounds do not determine our destiny.

we all face wounds this side of heaven, yet your wounds do not determine our destiny. As we acknowledge those wounds, allowing Christ to shine his light into the cracks of our brokenness, we discover the way to that healing and unrelenting hope. Hence, you might say, our true sisterhood is born more out of the coping, healing, and growing through our brokenness than our biological bond. 

Unrelenting Hope

The desire to share our unrelenting hope through struggle is how Dandelions, Potholes, & Wrinkles was born. Dandelions represent bringing our childhood back to it’s playful innocence, while remaining resilient through life’s storms. Potholes represent all those obstacles we plowed through as kids, and continue to navigate with the healing power of Christ. Wrinkles represent the growth and wisdom that has come with time and healing.

We want to invite you into our deep conversations, playful personalities, and passionate spirits. We believe our innate silliness, creativity, and relentless work ethic come from our Creator God to be used for his glory, and that nothing we have faced or will face in this life is wasted. 

The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other because together we’ve learned what it means to overcome. We can’t wait to share our sisterhood with you!