Why Dandelions, Potholes, and Wrinkles?

Posted June 30, 2021 by Theresa Miller

Categories: Why DPW

We believe wounds are something we all face this side of heaven. However, our wounds do not define our destiny. They can tear us apart with anger and bitterness, acting as our protective weapon, or they can draw us near with mercy and forgiveness, the balm to our healing.

Dandelions represent bringing our childhood back to it’s playful innocence, while remaining resilient through life’s storms. Potholes represent all those obstacles we plowed through as kids, and continue to navigate with the healing power of Christ. Wrinkles represent the growth and wisdom that comes with time and healing.

Dandelions, Potholes, & Wrinkles exists to encourage, empower and enlighten women to find purpose in life’s imperfections so they can boldly live out their stories.

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